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Corporate Culture
Corporate Mission
Do your best to consider issues from the customer's perspective and create maximum value for them
Enterprise Vision
Leading the 3D data industry and creating effective wealth for society
Core Values
Respect each other, exchange friendship, and be sincere without deceit, Dedicated, striving for excellence, challenging innovation, Win win cooperation
About Bimodeling
Bimodeling is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. Established in Xiamen in 2013, the company set up a branch in Shanghai in 2021. Bimodeling Transmission is committed to leveraging 3D data technology to assist in the construction and management of intelligent systems for better cities,and devotes itself to playing a leading demonstration effect for the development and upgrading of the 3D data industry, It adheres to the responsibility of using 3D data technology to assist customers in maximizing their benefits,and carefully provides BIM data services for the overall management of the entire process of industrial operations in various industries , as well as providing BIM digital disposal solutions for special operations in project construction. With the advent of the 5G era and disruptive changes in digital technology, Bimodeling forward 3D data processing proprietary technology and reverse 3D data acquisition and processing proprietary technology to build 3D model AI basic data and parameterized 3D model construction for customers in various practical application scenarios, and collaborating with flagship enterprises in related industries to the transformation and upgrading of urban construction management intelligence and enterprise operation and management digitalization at all levels.

The company focuses on the development direction of intelligent 3D model construction, calculation and service. Surrounding the entire lifecycle of engineering technical services,it through BIM model calculation, combined with the two service modes of "overall planning" and "special planning", and provides high-quality and efficient 3D data visualization services in various fields such as shopping malls, residences, hotels, apartments, schools, factories, municipal public buildings, as well as existing building renovations and urban transformations. The company also provides BIM data technology consultation throughout the entire process of a construction project, including main design, refined design, measurement, planning, design, construction, and management of construction projects."

 Bimodeling has already taken hundreds of engineering projects of BIM data overall disposal and optimization on the auxiliary construction management of BIM data visualization technology, and accumulated a lot of experience from this series of cases.The Bimodeling team integrates all technical backbone forces, and independently researches and develops "sub-sectoral, professional BIM data primary result overall optimization platform" and "automatic modeling calculation method". In order to better promote the application and standardization of BIM data technology, we has been commissioned as the leading unit to initiate the development of evaluation standards and processes for BIM data technology application. Based on the company's internal review standard, using the project BIM data primary result overall optimization platform, giving full play to the demonstration role of project overall disposal cases, providing the convenience of multi-party data collaborative processing as the premise, sorting out, expanding, promoting and standardizing the review standards and review processes for the BIM industry, in order to ensure the convenient and efficient operation of the review work. Then promote customers to apply the project BIM data results in a timely and smooth manner, and implement construction and management more scientifically, more accurately and more effectively.

Bimodeling remains committed to providing data technology services for China's rapidly developing urbanization process and infrastructure development. With a comprehensive focus on leveraging cutting-edge BIM data technology expertise, we deeply analyze the actual conditions of construction projects and provide clients with technologically advanced, reasonable, and cost-effective coordination and optimization solutions. Bimodeling has established strategic and business partnerships with numerous renowned developers such as C&D, China Resources Land, China SCE, Powerlong, Huafa Group, China Vanke,Poly Property Group, SEG, etc., and has formed strategic partnerships with municipal units like Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen Urban Planning and Design Institute, Quanzhou Urban Planning and Design Group, and other municipal-related service institutions and design units such as Sinomach Luyuan and China IPPR.

In addition, we have collaborated with academic institutions including Xiamen University, Fujian University of Technology, Xiamen University of Technology, Minnan University of Science and Technology, Xiamen City University, Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College, Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, Liming Vocational University and other institutions.

Supported by leading comprehensive technology research and development capabilities and a robust data information database, Bimodeling promotes mutual development between academia, industry, and research, keeps pace with technological iterations, continuously improves application platforms, and assists clients in maximizing project benefits. We are committed to the sustainable development of data technology and working together to create the future of smart cities!

BIM Service Content
Two service models, "overall planning" and "special", meet different service needs
BIM specialized consulting services
  • Subject
    BIM Main Body Special Design Consulting
  • Fine Decoration
    BIM Consultation on Fine Decoration Special Design
  • Auxiliary construction
    BIM visualization briefing
    BIM visualization assisted construction
    BIM 3D Inspection Quality Control
BIM Integrated Consulting Services
  • Subject
    BIM Main Body Special Design Consulting
    Main scheme consultation
    Construction drawing design
    • The entire process
      BIM Full Process Design Consulting
      Main scheme design
      Main construction drawing design
      Fine decoration scheme design
      Fine decoration construction drawing design
    • Fine Decoration
      BIM Fine Decoration Design Consulting
      Consultation on Fine Decoration Scheme
      Fine decoration construction drawing design
    • Auxiliary construction
      BIM visualization briefing
      BIM visualization assisted construction
      BIM 3D Inspection Quality Control
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